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HR Strategy

Competition among enterprises is the competition of products and technology, and is ultimately the competition of talents. CXIC attaches great importance to the training and selection of talents and takes attracting talents, investing in human capital and maximizing the role of talents as its strategic task. In CXIC Group, human resources is considered as the primary resource of the enterprise and the decisive factor in business development and growth.

The company has established a sound and systematic training system in the process of talents cultivation. The company promises to provide various types of training for its employees for their all-round development in techniques and ability, and corresponding performance appraisal system as the objective and reliable basis for the employees’ reward and promotion.

The Company always adheres to the employment way of “appointing people according to their merits” in employment mechanism, and attaches attention to the creation of a relaxed and orderly environment for talents, so that its employees’ brilliance can be given full play. In Xinhuachang Group, every eagle can soar into its blue sky and every steed can gallop along its prairie. The company will make efforts to provide convenience for its employees to make full use of their intelligence, to maximize their personal values and to acquire the greatest degree of accomplishment and satisfaction. With application of position competition system and lowliest place elimination system, the Company will truly use the capable ones, replace the average ones and fair the incapable ones so as to realize fair competition and survival of the fittest.